Tell me about LM Treasures.

LM Treasures is a family-owned business based in Fontana, California, that specializes in selling and renting life-size statues, movie props, and other unique items for various purposes like home decor, events, businesses, and film productions.

What they offer:

  • Life-size statues: They have a vast collection of life-size statues ranging from animals and dinosaurs to movie characters and historical figures.
  • Movie props: They offer props from popular movies and TV shows, perfect for themed parties or events.
  • Prop rentals: If you need a prop for a short-term event, they have a rental service available.
  • Custom orders: They can also create custom statues and props based on your specific requirements.

Where to find them:

Customer reviews:

LM Treasures has a good reputation online with an average rating of 5 stars on Google based on numerous reviews. Customers appreciate their unique products, quality, and customer service.

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