DIY UV Outdoor Protective spray for life size statues

DIY UV Outdoor Protective spray for life size statues

Highly recommend this product for any life size statue that will be kept outdoors. 

Here is the link to purchase either a 2 pack or a 3 pack. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly. 

2 - Pack

3 - Pack

SunGuard UV Protectant helps extend the life of outdoor decor. The strong UV inhibitors protects all types of outdoor decor against fading, peeling and cracking. When dried it has as clear finish, unlike the polyurethane products, which will leave a sticky yellowish residue. Unfortunately most garden decor products come directly from the factory without any type UV protectant or a light coat which only last 1 season. Thus leaving your special investment "exposed" to the elements which cause fading, cracking and peeling. Everyone is now discovering that outdoor decor need sunscreen too. SunGuard is designed to work on resin, polyresin, wood, metal, fiberglass, cement, plastics, stone, ceramic, tile, wicker, and other hard to bond surfaces. It is not to late to protect your patio and pool furniture, collectible figurines, pots, planters, garden statues, wreaths, fountains, birdbath and bird feeder, yard art, garden gnomes, fairies, holiday inflatables and decor, wind chimes, stepping stones, and more. Net Wt. 11.75 oz. See SunGuard UV Fabric protectant for an outdoor fabric protectant.


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