Total Recall Life Size Synth Statue (Black & White)


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  • This is Special Edition #10 out of 25.
  • We are proud to present our Lifesize Synth statue, from the visually stunning movie Total Recall. The Synths (Synthetics) are the relentless, emotionless enforcers of the USB's dystopian society; their robotic Federal Police Rapid Response Units.
  • The Lifesize Synth stands an imposing 6 ft 6” tall, and is intricately detailed. It would make a very imposing guardian of anyone’s Theater room or collection room.
  • A must have for any Sci Fi fan's collection!
  • Dimensions: 6ft 6" Tall Approx.
  • Edition Size: Limited to just 25 pieces worldwide! #10 
  • Rare Life Size Synth Sold out Everywhere.

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