Alien Paul Space Statue Prop Decor Life Size Resin


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  • Size: 13 x 10 x 44 H"
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  • Paul is an alien who's species hails from a small class M planet within the northern spiral arm of the Andromeda Galaxy. He appeared in the 2011 sci-fi comedy film of the same name and was voiced by comedian Seth Rogen. The alien’s realistic and spooky features can even be a great gift for a Sci-fi/movie fans or an extra-terrestrial buff. All our Alien models are the perfect addition to your themed areas, crazy golf courses, theme parks or use them to promote your business. These eye-catching displays are a real attention grabber and are sure to garner interest and attention which make them fantastic to use as advertisements. Truly whimsical home decor masterpieces which offer a variety of functional uses and a broad appeal to collectors of every type. These treasures bring character to any home, office, business or commercial institution.

    Because these are hand made you will find that each item is slightly different, which make each one unique! If you want a photo of the exact item you will receive, please send a note with your order before we ship out the item.

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