Custom Work

Just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for?
Don’t worry! LM Treasures is “The Place to Find the Hard to Find”!
  • We specialize in a large variety of outrageously unique statues that will surely bring any vision to life, but sometimes that vision may require a little extra assistance.
  • Whether you need brackets added to one of our Giant Ice Cream Cones for additional security or a Life Size Elephant painted hot pink to support your business logo LM Treasures now offers customers the option to add security brackets or have their statue custom painted by a local talented artist that provides in house, professional, high quality, work for an additional fee.
  • Awaken your creativity through figurines of all sizes ranging from Life Size Cows, Sharks, and Dinosaurs to giant over sized Cupcakes, Lollipops, and Mushrooms!
  • LM Treasures utilizes a variety of materials and methods to suit most budgets to help assist you with your concept or help improve one of our existing ones!
Artist Biography
Raymond Holguin focuses on Abstract Impressionism, created through his interpretation of nature. He seeks to stimulate the imagination of the viewers and hopes they derive familiarity in the subjects of his art.
 Raymond began painting at the age of 12. As a self-taught artist, he began his journey working at Walter Elias Disney Enterprises, immediately out of Woodrow Wilson High School at the age of 19. While in occupation at Walter Elias Disney Enterprises, he began on the design and development of the Epcot Center project for Florida. Then later Raymond started working at Disney Studios to support animation and feature films. 
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