Custom Work

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Services We Offer
  • We specialize in a large variety of outrageously unique statues that will surely bring any vision to life, but sometimes that vision may require a little extra assistance.
  • Whether you need brackets added to one of our Giant Ice Cream Cones for additional security or a Life Size Elephant painted hot pink to support your business logo LM Treasures now offers customers the option to add security brackets or have their statue custom painted by a local talented artist that provides in house, professional, high quality, work for an additional fee.
  • Awaken your creativity through figurines of all sizes ranging from Life Size Cows, Sharks, and Dinosaurs to giant over sized Cupcakes, Lollipops, and Mushrooms!
  • LM Treasures utilizes a variety of materials and methods to suit most budgets to help assist you with your concept or help improve one of our existing ones!
  • Specialty Prop and Costume Design & Fabrication, including a  wide variety of Screen Printing, Sublimation, and UV capabilities. 
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping, Mechanical Engineering and Design, including 3D Printing in large & small scale
  • Complete Molding & Casting capabilities.
  • Detailed lifelike Painting
  • Prop and Costume Aging and Weathering
  • Additional painting services
  • Original custom art pieces
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