Cows are currently the most common domesticated hoofed mammal, and they are found wherever humans live. Global stocks of cows were estimated at nearly one billion animals in 2016, with India, Brazil, and China having the largest populations. Both males and females have horns, and although these may be short in many breeds, they can grow to be spectacularly large, such as in Texas longhorns and African Ankole-Watusi cows. Some breeds are genetically hornless, and many other cows may be dehorned at young age to make them easier to transport and safer to work around. You do not have to live on a farm or know how to herd cattle in order to enjoy LM Treasures large variety of realistic life size resin cows we make sure these ones will stay right where you left them. People come to us because we are the place to find the hard to find. All props, life size statues, and wall decor are available for rental or purchase.